Book Review Policy

When I have published my first book, I understand how hard it is to get reviews that is why I decided to review fellow author's books to support others.

My priority:

  1. Science fiction + fantasy + Action & adventure

  2. Science fiction + fantasy

  3. Science fiction/fantasy

  4. Others(Sorry I am not interested)

  5. I prefer paperback over ebook

Submission process:

  1. Fill the form in the link below.

  2. If I like your book then I will get in touch with you.

  3. You have to pay the book price with the link provided.

  4. I will purchase your book and I will post my honest review on, Goodreads, Bookbub and on my social media accounts as soon as possible.

  5. You can choose not to have a review on Amazon then you don't need to purchase the book for me. But my first priority will be the paperback book with an amazon review request.

Note: Submit one book at a time.


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